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Interview Assignments and Scenarios

Selecting the candidate with the right skills and abilities is always important. When there are several strong candidates, hiring managers may experience difficulty determining the best one to fill the role. Using an interview assignment or scenario question may help. These options provide a concrete and tangible work sample to evaluate analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as personal traits in addressing BI-related tasks.

Attention: If your expertise is not in BI, review Hire BI Talent to find a source for the assistance of an expert BI practitioner during the interviews to best assess the true abilities of the candidate(s).

Preparing Assignments and Scenarios

Hiring managers should only use assignments or scenarios during the final round of the interview process. Always:

  • Provide the same assignment or scenario to all final candidates for valid comparison
  • Allow candidates the same amount of time to complete the assignment
  • Inform candidates early in the interviewing process that final rounds may include assignments or scenario work
  • Provide a clear deadline and directions for submitting work for review

When using these types of interviewing techniques, consider the following to assess the candidates:

  • What degree of critical thinking and creativity was demonstrated in terms of working with data?
  • What was the candidate's thought process and logic behind his/her decision in determining if he/she used the best tool for reporting?
  • How knowledgeable was the candidate with various reporting tools?
  • Did the analysis and/or report include data addressing a variety of organizational issues or problems, or was it focused on one?
  • Can the data the candidate produced be used for other resource decisions involving funding, human capital, physical resources, new opportunities for services, etc?

Suggestion: Reference Identify BI Ability for behaviors to look for when interviewing candidates.

Work Assignments