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Dean's Data includes the following metrics:

  • Tuition and required fees for an academic year
  • Student head count
  • Student credit hours taught
  • Degrees conferred
  • Number of faculty and staff FTEs for all funds
  • General Fund Budget information
  • All fund revenue
  • Fund balances

Report Overview

Dean's Data provides Deans and Budget Administrators with annual operational information for the budget planning process. This information consists of an overview page with data for twelve metrics for each school and college as well as a set of comparative graphs for several metrics across all schools and colleges.

Data Sources

M-Reports pulls Dean's Data information from the U-M Data Warehouse and local data from the Office of Budget and Planning (OBP).

Access Details

Who needs access?
A limited group of individuals responsible for budget planning activities in OBP and the Dean's offices need access to Dean's Data information.

How do I request access?
No one is automatically granted access to Dean's Data. Users with a business need to view this information can contact the Office of Budget and Planning via email.

What can users see?
When you first view Dean's Data, the overview shows information for the school or college with which your primary appointing department (PAD) is affiliated. If your PAD is not affiliated with a school or college, the overview shows information for the first school or college in the alphabetically sorted list. You can select another school or college to view or view the comparative graphs.

Refresh Schedule

At the end of each calendar year