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Learn about the recent enhancements to the Real Time Financials Toolkit, including a new link to Unit Defined Commitments from Project/Grant reports in M-Reports. View a recording of a live presentation (30 minutes) on the enhancements.


M-Reports Project/Grant (Project) financial reporting allows faculty and administrators to:

  • View summary information for sponsored and UM-Funded projects by Principal Investigator, Project Administrator, or Initial (P/G) Department, including high-level balances.
  • Drill to various levels of detail for budget, revenue, expenditures, payroll/financial aid estimates, and Unit-Defined Commitments
  • Compare actuals to expectations
  • Minimize risks in over-/under-spending your Project.
    Note: Legacy sponsored research Projects (i.e., those beginning with C) are not available in M-Reports.

Report Overviews

Project reports include all types of Projects, providing project directors and administrators with a financial picture of all their Project-based activity.

The Summary of Projects report shows a list of your active sponsored Projects. You can view UM-Funded Projects by clicking on the second tab.

The Project/Grant Status and Activity report offers high level activity information for a Project with access to details.

Other Project reports include:

  • the Parent Summary report, which shows a list of parent and sub-Projects for a particular award
  • the Billing Details report, which shows a list of the billing invoices for a Project
  • the Financial Aid and Student Financial Details report, which shows all students who have been disbursed financial aid awards for a Project
  • the Payroll Detail report, which shows a list of all employees who have been paid on a Project.
  • the Voucher Detail report, which shows a list of procurement voucher transactions for a Project with links, where appriopriate, to voucher images.

The Detail reports include eReconciliation data (i.e., Reconciliation Y/N Flag, Last Updated By, Last Updated Date, and Reconciliation Note).

Data Sources

M-Reports data set containing data from the M-Pathways Financial and Physical Resources (FINPROD) and M-Pathways Human Resource Management and Student Administration systems (HEPROD).

Access Details

Who needs access?

Individuals assigned to a Project (or those who support them) need access to Project reports. Your access is based on the role you are assigned on a Project. Faculty and staff assigned as the Principal Investigator (PI), Project Director, or Project Administrator (SAPOC) for a Project are auto-granted access. Access is also auto-granted to users with the M-Reports role ICEmployment.

How do I request access?

Non-Faculty users who are not auto-granted but who have a business need to view the reports can request access via the Online Access Request System (OARS). The M-Reports role associated with this capability is ProjectGrantReports. Unit Liaisons (UL) approve and authorize requests.

What can users see?

When you first view Project reports, you see a summary of your active Projects for your default criteria set (i.e., the report filters initially in place). Your default criteria set is based on your role on a Project. This list includes any Project on which you are the PI and/or the SAPOC.

If you are a non-Faculty user, or if you have the M-Reports role ICEmployment, you can search for and view other projects. If you are a Faculty user, you can view your own projects. All users with access to a project have the ability to drill down to its details, such as voucher and payroll information.

Users with an appointment in one of the job families below are considered Faculty for this purpose.

Job Family Job Family Description


Supp Clinical Instructional


Regular Clinical Instructional


Regular Instructional


Supplemental Instructional


LEO - Lecturers


LEO - Adjunct Faculty


Supplemental Primary





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